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Inlay : Cycling up to the Red Winery

Written By: jipp - Mar• 22•14

Inlay that I found out was far better organized in terms of basic facilities and infrastructure compared to Bagan. The reason being was probably the population there – which was far bigger and needed to be entertained more compared to Bagan which was more like a cluster of villages. Inlay is very much a farming district dominated by an expansive spread of countryside that stretches along a beautiful valley.


I stayed at a hotel called Remember Inn which was located very much within a walking distance from Inlay town and even the jetty to the Inle Lake. Quite true to its name, they wouldn’t let you leave without making sure that you have had the best of hospitality while staying there. They even let me use their shower room to shower after coming back from my tour to the lake so that I’d be all fresh before getting on the super long bus ride back to Yangon. (more…)

Experiencing Mandalay Air

Written By: jipp - Mar• 17•14

It was an emotional moment for me when I had to bid farewell to the ancient city of Bagan. I really liked it and I wish I could stay there longer but then I didn’t want to miss Inlay – another place which is gaining more and more popularity among tourists to Myanmar nowadays. Due to limitation in time, I had to choose between Mandalay and Inlay but thinking that Mandalay was probably just another city – even more modern than Yangon that I was told – Inlay had to prevail in the end.


Thinking of all the precious hours that I was going to waste if I took a bus, I decided to fish out a little bit of my hard-earned money over a flight ticket so that I could fly from Bagan to Inlay on a Mandalay Air. The flight was delayed due to heavy rain in Yangon – something that I had initially failed to apprehend the relevance of until it all came to me in a form of amusement. (more…)


Written By: jipp - Feb• 28•14

Bagan that I found out was not really ready for the influx of tourists which have increased so significantly in number over the years. Budget hotels are still very much limited (and Bagan is not really into hostels unfortunately) so coming to Bagan without a pre-booked accommodation can be either fun or disastrous – depending on how you’d take it.


If there was something that I’d learned from my visit to Bagan, it’d be to compromise on my needs and demands. I mean, a very lousy room might still make your some USD30 poorer overnight. (more…)

Hello YANGON !

Written By: jipp - Feb• 22•14

So, another country has been ticked off the bucket list and that country is called Myanmar (previously called Burma). I was there not only as part of my mission to visit all the countries in South East Asia but there was something about the country that I found very alluring especially now that they have just opened their doors to the outside world.


Opening their doors – yes – but they still seem to struggle in giving their trust to outsiders. Visas are still required to enter the country which is now fast becoming a tourist magnate in the region. I must be very stupid when I drove right over to their embassy in KL to apply for the visa only to be choked with hordes of people who were there to renew their working permits.


Somebody in the crowd who was chewing betel (an early sign!) gave me a pamphlet showing the location of the tour company to which the application of all visas to Myanmar in Malaysia has been outsourced. With all the fusses of looking for a parking space around the embassy, I almost shouted in frustration when I found out that company was only a few LRT stations away from my office. Grrrr! (more…)

That Little Patch of Forest called the SAGA Hill

Written By: jipp - Jan• 17•14

One of the things that I love most about KL or rather Klang Valley is that there’s always a new place that I’d find out about. I’ve been based in KL for about 3 years now and I still can’t claim that I know every place of interest here. Another place that I was made to know about and later taken to recently was a small patch of forest in Cheras called Saga Hill.

When my friend Mr. KJH asked if I wanted to do a little bit of hiking up the Saga Hill on the Maulidul Rasul Public holiday, I was fast to give my OK. I mean, I’m kinda obsessed with hiking now. I was still kinda fresh from a hike up the majestic Mount Kinabalu to begin this year with and I could not wait to do another one. Heh.


So, Saga Hill was much nearer than I had expected. I mean, I was told that it was located in Cheras but I really thought it was like in the far corner of Cheras since Cheras itself is a very big district, probably the biggest in Klang Valley at least by area. And it is full of housing areas too so I didn’t expect I’d find a patch of forest reserve right smack in the middle of it. (more…)

Back to Kinabalu

Written By: jipp - Jan• 12•14

So, I was back in Sabah for Christmas and later New Year very recently. I spent most of my time at home, trying to catch as much time with the family as I could since I had not been home for quite some time. Time flew by so fast and before I knew it, I had at least a few more days before I returned to my job in KL. I was suddenly desperate to do something quite out of the ordinary.


J Residence – where we stayed the night before the climb

That was when the idea of climbing Mount Kinabalu came about. It was a very last minute plan. It was more like a substitute to the original plan of conquering Mount Tombuyukon, Malaysia’s 3rd highest mountain which is surpassed only by its two neighbors Mount Trus Madi and of course Mount Kinabalu itself. (more…)