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A Little Stroll into the Tea Plantation at Nallathanniya, Sri Lanka

I really like tea plantations. For one they are associated with lush greenery, highlands and refreshingly chilly weather. Here in Malaysia, the nearest tea plantation requires me to drive some 7 hours on a long and winding road from home and it is only a small patch compared to the thousands and thousands of acres of tea plantations that they’ve got in Sri Lanka.

I had my very first glimpse of tea plantations in Sri Lanka while I was on the train from Kandy to Hatton. From Hatton to Nallathanniya, it was all tea plantations but it was at Nallathanniya that I had my first close encounter with a Sri Lankan tea plantation. The guest house that we stayed in was very much located in a beautiful valley whose landscape is dominated by tea plantations, meandering rivers and breath-taking waterfalls. While waiting for our dinner to be ready, I grabbed the opportunity of taking a little stroll into the tea plantation and it was definitely one one of the most relaxing times that I have had while I was in Sri Lanka.


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Scaling the Adam’s Peak, The Holiest Mountain in Sri Lanka

One of the things that excited me most about visiting Sri Langka was the idea of climbing up to the Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada as it is locally known. We took a train from Kandi to Hatton and that was when we had our first glimpse of the beautiful highland of the country. I mean, the scenery was so stunning and beautiful and viewing them from a moving train was such an amazing experience.


But then, the train ride itself was quite an experience. I would say it was quite comfortable and I had no problem at all. I happened to be seated next to a family from Hong Kong and a lone traveler from France who is currently serving as a member of the French army in Saudi Arabia. He told me how the people in Saudi Arabia are some of the most hypocrite people he has ever come upon, and how they always play holier than thou in front of everybody when in reality they are nothing but wicked people. Read more →

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Standing on Top of Sigiriya

I was first interested to come to Sri Lanka when I saw a picture of a massive column of rock with ruins of an ancient palace on top of it – towering out in a vast area of flatland. The best thing about it is the availability of steps for visitors to climb up on right to the top and view the breath-taking scenery from there. I was so fascinated by it that I instantly searched it on the internet. One name immediately popped up – Sigiriya. Apparently, it was located in Sri Lanka. I knew then that I would someday be heading there. Yippie!


True enough, when I finally came to Sri Lanka, it was high on our list of must-go places, together with the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, from where we then drove off to Sigiriya. After burning another USD30 each over ticket, we walked over towards the rock with growing excitement. Read more →

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Visiting the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Malaysia might be much bigger in size than Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka has twice the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites than it is in Malaysia. There are currently 8 UNESCO Sites in Sri Lanka compared to 4 in Malaysia and there are mostly concentrated on the southern half of the island. Naturally, we wanted to visit all of them but due to logistic and time limitation, we could only visit 6 of them. Sri Lanka might be just an island but traveling from one place to another takes longer than you might expect it to be.


Thanks God three of them – the Ancient city of Polonnaruwa, The Golden Temple of Dambulla and the Ancient city of Sigiriya are located quite close to each other so they can be visited within one day. Read more →

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Hello Sri Lanka!

SRI LANKA had always been in my bucket list for such a long time. The fact that it was probably one of the most over-rated countries at least among most travelers made my curiosity grow stronger – so much so that when my friend Audrey contacted to ask if I was interested in joining her to this ‘little’ island off the south coast of India, I had to say yes.srilankan_map

With so many things to catch up with in the office, I decided it was best for me to go there during the long break of Eid Mubarak when all my other colleagues would leave the office deserted to go back to their respective kampongs. It was one of those rare times when a green light for a week-long break would be guaranteed from my boss. Heee! Read more →

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Pokhara : The City at the Foot of Himalayas

Pokhara is like the stepping point to go to some of the most popular hiking destinations in Nepal such as Annapurna Base Camp and Poon Hill. Of course we were heading there when we had our very first glimpse of the Himalayas on our flight from Kathmandu. It is a quite a sight to be seen from a flight with mountains and terraces dominate much of the landscape.


We didn’t get to explore Pokhara when we arrived there because of the need to rush right to Nayapul from where we then set out to the 8-days journey through some of the most amazing views that I’d ever come upon in my entire life. Read more →

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