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Pokhara : The City at the Foot of Himalayas

Pokhara is like the stepping point to go to some of the most popular hiking destinations in Nepal such as Annapurna Base Camp and Poon Hill. Of course we were heading there when we had our very first glimpse of the Himalayas on our flight from Kathmandu. It is a quite a sight to be seen from a flight with mountains and terraces dominate much of the landscape.


We didn’t get to explore Pokhara when we arrived there because of the need to rush right to Nayapul from where we then set out to the 8-days journey through some of the most amazing views that I’d ever come upon in my entire life. Read more →

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Throwback : Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon is without doubt one of the most exotic places that I’ve even been to in all my travel trips so far. It is one of those places where there’s always something that surprises you somewhere in the corner. Here are some of the things that I did and found out about when I was in Yangon.

Sakura Tower

I splashed a little bit of money over a fine lunch at the 20th floor of Sakura Tower – which is probably the best place to see the spread of Yangon city from a high standing point. I was quite OK with the price until I found out through an article on Myanmar Times how it’d take an average people of Yangon about 10 days to earn such amount of money through long hours of hard labor at factories etc. It made me feel so bad the food suddenly felt bland and I had to leave almost immediately. Uhuks!


The Markets

I couldn’t write about my trip to Yangon without describing its wet markets. I mean, Yangon has some of the most amazing markets that I’ve been to in all my travel trips so far. I have never seen so many things that were so unfamiliar to even a kampong guy like me. The variety of things was just mind-boggling. I saw in abundance fishes that have long disappeared from our wet markets back in Malaysia. Read more →

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Namaste Kathmandu !

Of course, as I had mentioned in my previous post on my trip to Nepal, it all began when I came up with a plan of climbing up to the Everest Base Camp – only to be forced to change the plan at the very last minute due to some stupid presentation that I had to do at some university. Done with my presentation, I returned home to pack up and hastily dashed for the airport where my travel buddy Frank was already waiting. Flying on an Air Asia Boeng, it had to be Kathmandu-bound and just in case you didn’t know, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal (meh).


One thing you gotta know about traveling to Nepal at least as a Malaysian is the need for a visa. Applying for a visa to Nepal is very easy. You have the choice of doing it here in KL (which I didn’t bother to find out how) or do it once you have landed at the Kathmandu Airport. Of course with all the crazy schedule that I had to march through for the past few months or so, I ventured doing the later which turned out to be so hassle-free.


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Inle Lake and the Floating Villages

INLE LAKE – I first read about it on an in-flight magazine and my curiosity had prompted me to put it into my list of “Places I Must See before I Die”. Instead of the popular choice of going on a tour in a group, I decided to book through the hotel a tour where I could have the boat all to myself. I know, it sounds quite kiasu but USD18 sounded quite reasonable to me since I got to decide where to go and not to go and most importantly I was free to do all the camwhoring in the world. LOL!


The boatman had Etthu for a name (“8-2, eight two – easy to remember” he told me with a grin) and he spoke quite a bit of English although limited. His introductory remark or rather question startled and amused me at the same time when he asked if I was married or not and later how many girlfriends I had after he was convinced that I was not (married).

When I returned the question to him, he broke into a wide smile and said “Myanmar girls no beautiful. Japanese girls beautiful. I want Japanese girlfriend”. I managed to stiffen my neck and avoid giving it a nod. Damn. LOL! Read more →

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Inlay : Cycling up to the Red Winery

Inlay that I found out was far better organized in terms of basic facilities and infrastructure compared to Bagan. The reason being was probably the population there – which was far bigger and needed to be entertained more compared to Bagan which was more like a cluster of villages. Inlay is very much a farming district dominated by an expansive spread of countryside that stretches along a beautiful valley.


I stayed at a hotel called Remember Inn which was located very much within a walking distance from Inlay town and even the jetty to the Inle Lake. Quite true to its name, they wouldn’t let you leave without making sure that you have had the best of hospitality while staying there. They even let me use their shower room to shower after coming back from my tour to the lake so that I’d be all fresh before getting on the super long bus ride back to Yangon. Read more →

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