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Inlay : Cycling up to the Red Winery

Inlay that I found out was far better organized in terms of basic facilities and infrastructure compared to Bagan. The reason being was probably the population there – which was far bigger and needed to be entertained more compared to Bagan which was more like a cluster of villages. Inlay is very much a farming […]

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Experiencing Mandalay Air

It was an emotional moment for me when I had to bid farewell to the ancient city of Bagan. I really liked it and I wish I could stay there longer but then I didn’t want to miss Inlay – another place which is gaining more and more popularity among tourists to Myanmar nowadays. Due […]

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Bagan that I found out was not really ready for the influx of tourists which have increased so significantly in number over the years. Budget hotels are still very much limited (and Bagan is not really into hostels unfortunately) so coming to Bagan without a pre-booked accommodation can be either fun or disastrous – depending […]

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Hello YANGON !

So, another country has been ticked off the bucket list and that country is called Myanmar (previously called Burma). I was there not only as part of my mission to visit all the countries in South East Asia but there was something about the country that I found very alluring especially now that they have […]

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9 Things I Did in 2013

Here comes another year in my life. I wouldn’t say 2013 was the most eventful among all the years that I have lived through so far in my life but I’d still consider it a very colorful one. Here are some of the things that I did in 2013 which are probably worth (being) highlighted. […]

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Visiting BETLEHEM : The Birthplace of My Faith

It is just so timely that it will be Christmas so soon from now and here I am blogging about my visit to the very place where it all began. I mean, what happened in Betlehem over 2000 years ago is the reason why Christmas is celebrated all over the world every December 25 and […]

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