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#Moments : Sunset in Bagan

Written By: jipp - Aug• 22•15


I’ve seen quite a number of beautiful sunsets in all my years of traveling. While some of them are quite forgettable, some of them would stay in my head for a very long time, simply because they are just so spectacular and beautiful and majestic. One of those that stayed in my head up until now is the sunset I that I took time watching while I was in Bagan. It was my very last evening in Bagan so I felt quite emotional. I really liked that place that I wish I could stay there a little while longer and explore more of the ancient city that has now turned into one of the most iconic places in Myanmar and beyond. I was looking at the sunset from one side of Ayeyarwady River while the sunset was on the other side and the river was sparkling in bright gold – almost in perfect unison with the sky over the horizon.


It was such a majestic sight that I felt so blessed to be there to see it all. It really was such a privilege. I stayed there until the sun disappeared, leaving behind it rays of gold that mingled for a little while before thinning away and disappearing behind the dark silhouette of the hills. I had one last look before I walked over to my e-bike and returned to the warm comfort of my hotel room.

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  1. I had same moment at the mesmerizing Shwezigon Temple. Bagan is indeed beautiful. I can never forget how she almost shackled us.

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