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#Moments : Trash

Written By: jipp - Aug• 20•15


You know how big the city of Tokyo is – in fact it is considered one of if not the largest city in the world – both by area and population. I was there for a few days as part of my mission to conquering the highest peak in Japan and I am pretty sure I had covered quite a big part of it or at least I went to most of the main attraction areas such as Shinjuku and Shibuya. And one thing about Tokyo that I was very very much impressed about was the fact that it is so damn clean. I mean, it has a very high population density and almost every corner of it is occupied by people and yet it is very difficult to find even a single piece of trash lying around like what we see all over KL. The only trash that I found while traveling all over Tokyo (well, almost) was that piece of plastic – and it doesn’t even look like a piece of trash! I mean, seriously, Japan really is like the perfect role model for all the civilization in the world. Say no to littering now!

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