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Inspiring Story from a Full Moon Party

Written By: jipp - May• 02•17

I always meet people that inspire me in one way or another. Like last night when I happened to share a table with somebody from Sabah at a full moon party at a friend’s house. He introduced me to her beautiful wife who is a Filipino. He told me how they met in Brunei where they were both working.

“When I first met her, I knew instantly that she was the woman that I wanted to marry” he told me. The wife nodded and smiled. “So I proposed after 3 weeks” he continued. I couldn’t hide my amazement.

“3 months later I flew to Manila where we registered our marriage. Then we took a bus to her village which was 12 hours away from Manila. When I arrived at her village, I was told by the church that they needed a letter from my family to confirm that I was truly a bachelor and not married to someone else. So I had to get on another 12-hour bus ride back to Manila where I called my family and asked them to prepare and faxed the letter to me. I waited for 3 days in Manila before they managed to fax the letter to me. Then I had to travel another 12 hours back to the village where we were finally married at an old and beautiful church.”

It really was a beautiful story to hear. They’d look at each other and smile as they recalled how it all started. They’ve been married for more than 20 years now and have two children. One of them was there with us. He is studying at a local university and is aspired to be an architect.

I mean, it really was such a needed break from so many stories of broken-up marriages that I’ve been hearing about lately. It’s amazing how somebody that I know who seems to be a perfect family man suddenly left his wife and kids and just about everything that he had invested in to be with another woman – just like that.

It really is a crazy world but that is just how it is. There are so many things that we can’t just explain unless we experience them ourselves. But then even this friend can’t even explain why he did what he did. Let’s just say – it’s complicated. May be humans are complicated creatures with complicated minds and needs and demands and they probably change over time.

May be. Just may be.

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