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Singapore ZOO : The Best Zoo in The World ?

Written By: jipp - Sep• 01•12

Well, with all the hypes about Singapore Zoo, I was more than happy when our Singaporean friend (or rather, a Malaysian working in Singapore) offered to give us free tickets to what is considered the best zoo in the world.


It was actually my second visit there with the first one was merely to the Night Safari. The Night Safari didn’t really make a good impression on me that I actually regretted dishing out some SGD35 just so see shadows moving in the dark.


Seriously, I couldn’t make out more than the shapes of the animals. The only thing that wowed me much was the fact that I couldn’t see any fences that separated the animals from each other so they really looked like living harmoniously together. My initial idea was that they were anchored with some invisible rope to some peg that prohibits them from straying away. Apart from that, I really thought going for the night safari was a stupid idea.

But of course, Singapore Zoo was different. There were just so many animals that I had never known the existence of. Animals in Singapore Zoo seemed to be so well taken care of I actually winced at the memory I had of the animals at the National Zoo in KL.


The fur seems so thick and well-groomed unlike in KL where you could almost see the skin of each animal under its thinning hair. Even the Orang Utans looked much healthier than the ones that we have in Sepilok.

Being one of the visited tourist destinations in Malaysia, Sepilok should take some time to study how they do it at Singapore Zoo. Sometimes technology (and knowledge) can really help when it comes to preserving the nature and all the living things that stay in them.


Singapore Zoo is a place that even a self-declared animal activist like me would nod at the idea of placing them in a fenced area so that people could see them first-handedly. The area that they are placed in seems so well-tended you wouldn’t really feel like being in a zoo.


Even to feed food to the manatees requires you to properly wash your hands so that they wouldn’t catch anything off your hands.


It is probably one of the only few places on earth where you can have a close-range encounter with the famous pink asses.  And what can be sexier than a pink ass? He.


The Zoo when seen on the map seems small and easily walk-able but in reality, it is not that (small). In fact we spent more time than we thought we would and if not for the heavy rain that dampened our supposedly smooth tour, we would have spent more hours there.


If there was one thing I had learned from Singapore Zoo, it would be to bring an umbrella with me. Seriously, getting stuck under a hut hour after hour on end is not fun at all. If looking at the nostrils of a leopard for hours sounds fun to you, think again. I was so bored in the end I had to stop looking at them before I began to hallucinate and see there were four nostrils instead of two WTF.


I really thought that Singapore Zoo was only for those who grew up in a metropolitan like Singapore where the sight of a walking chick would make them jump in excitement but no.


It really is worth visiting even for somebody who was born and grew up in a heavily forested environment like me 😛

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  1. nel says:

    I’m thinking of going to Singapore first quarter next year. Maybe I should consider visiting their zoo just to have an idea how they manage an animal sanctuary in a busy metropolis. Thanks for convincing me through this post, Jipp. 🙂

    • jipp says:

      No problem. You should consider going there. Don’t expect too much though coz as the saying goes ‘the beauty is the eye of the beholder’. I wish you luck though 🙂

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