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Malaysia or Jakarta?

Previously on my trip to Bali, I wrote about our experiences of watching Barong Dance in Batubulan. Then we headed off to Kintamani – the mountainous area on the North East part the island which is famous for its beautiful volcano and lake view. Look, you can’t really tell for sure if somebody is honest […]

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My Bali Itinerary

DAY 1 (Thursday) ◊  KL-Bali (Air Asia), 11.50am – 2.45pm ◊  Checking-in at Jati Home Stay, Ubud ◊  Walking around Ubud town Day 2 (Friday) ◊ Renting a motorbike and riding over to Monkey Forest, Ubud Market ◊  Visiting the famous Warung BabI Guling Ibu Oka then going off the beaten track to Tampak Siring […]

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Being so famous as it is, we actually saved Kuta as our last destination in our 1-week vacation in Bali. After spending 2 nights in the laid-back Sanur, it was finally time to hit into what has always been considered the most ‘happening’ area in Bali – the epicenter of all the excitement, night entertainment […]

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The Monkey Business in Ulu Watu

So… Having visited just about every attraction in Ubud area and beyond, we had at least two more major attractions that had yet to be ticked off the list – The temple on the cliff in Uluwatu and the one that perched on a tiny island (or bay or whatever you call it) in Tanah […]

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The Magnificent Besakih Temple and Hypnotic Kecak Dance

Besakih Temple Besakih Temple at the foothill of Mount Agung is a place not to be missed when you come to Bali. It is a very interesting place to visit and even more interesting is how the people there rip the visitors off out of something that is supposedly – holy. It all started even […]

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Feeding The Stomach and The Eyes at Kintamani

So – WE arrived at Kintamani after stopping briefly at the farm called Wedang Sari to see for ourselves how the world-renowned Luwak Coffee is actually made out of an animal’s dung. LOLThe volcanic Mount Batur might not be at its best looks with the tip being shrouded by thick clouds and all but the […]

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