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My Long Long Journey to Kapit, Sarawak

One of the trips that I anticipated most this year was a trip to Kapit, one of the innermost parts of Sarawak in the Borneon island of Malaysia. I had always wanted to go there for the fact that I was surrounded by Sarawakian friends when I was at the university. I’d listen to their stories – ranging from their upbringing environments to the their close day-to-day relationship with rivers which according to them were their lifelines. I was so fascinated by their stories and I tried to imagine to the best I could knowing that one day I’d go to some of those places that they mentioned and see for myself if my imaginations had been anywhere close to reality. Heh.


Wisma Sanyan in Sibu, which at 26-storey, is the tallest building in Sarawak

One of the name of places that my friends kept mentioning was Kapit so when the chance of going there suddenly came knocking at my door, I was ecstatic. Of course there is no other way of going to Kapit more conveniently than by boat – or rather bot ekspres as the locals would call it. I flew from KL right to Sibu which is the point of access to Kapit and took a boat from there via Sungai Rajang, which is as known to everybody the longest river in Malaysia and one of the longest in the world. Read more →

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My Pick of The Most Beautiful Temple in Malaysia

One of the most beautiful places in Malaysia can be found hidden high on a highland, surrounded by lush tropical greenery about 50 kilometers away from the capital city. This place is usually overlooked because people tend to focus on going straight up to Genting Highland without knowing what they are missing somewhere down there.


I had first come to the Chin Swee Caves temple back in my Uni years when the cable car was not even in existence and everybody had no choice but driving up to Genting Highland. Read more →

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A Little Weekend Escapade to Langkawi

Finally, after spending so many years in the Peninsular of Malaysia, I finally stepped onto the soil of the last state in Malaysia that I had never been to yet – Perlis. Having said that, I can finally say that I have been to all the states in this country – like each and every one of them. So what do I feel now? I feel truly Malaysian. Heh.


Thanks to my trip to Langkawi – which was my very first time there (I said don’t laugh!), it was actually a trip that covered four states in one go, or rather five since I started off from KL then Selangor before dashing across Perak and later Kedah all the way to Perlis. 8 hours were all it took. Thanks God, it was an overnight ride so I didn’t really feel a hell of a ride since I slept through most of the hours. Read more →

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Singapore ZOO : The Best Zoo in The World ?

Well, with all the hypes about Singapore Zoo, I was more than happy when our Singaporean friend (or rather, a Malaysian working in Singapore) offered to give us free tickets to what is considered the best zoo in the world.


It was actually my second visit there with the first one was merely to the Night Safari. The Night Safari didn’t really make a good impression on me that I actually regretted dishing out some SGD35 just so see shadows moving in the dark. Read more →

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Tanjung Labian : Visiting the Nose of The Dog

Out of so many places that I went to when I went road-tripping all over Sabah for almost 2 weeks last month, there was one place that I really wanted to blog about. It is called Tanjung Labian.

Located on the furthest East of Sabah, which is on the nose end tip of the dog that shapes out the island of Borneo on the map, it is actually the place where the sunshine touches down before all here in Malaysia.

I was Here

I had always wanted to go there for that fact alone, but most especially when the government decided to build a coal-fired power plant there some time ago. Read more →

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Phnom Penh: A Palace, A Museum & A Cow

PP silver pagoda Slide

I suppose I don’t have to tell you that most palaces in ‘highly Buddhist’ countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand require their visitors to be in proper dresses instead of those all-too bearing clothes that you’d probably wear while strutting your stuff on a white sandy beach in Phuket or something.


So, the admission fee is USD6.25 (25,000 Riels) and that is like MYR18.50 in Ringgit Malaysia. How worthy it is depends a lot on how you can appreciate what is offered at the palace. Read more →

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