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My Bucket List

Written By: jipp - Mar• 24•12


  1. Bali Trip
  2. Bangkok โ€“ Siem Reap trip
  3. Bhutan / Tibet
  4. Brunei
  5. North Thailand
  6. China Trip
  7. East Java
  8. Everest Base Camp
  9. Summiting Mt Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest mountain
  10. Hat Yai
  11. Journey to The Holy Land
  12. Weekend Getaway to Krabi, Thailand
  13. Laos
  14. Manila with Mom
  15. My Munich 200th BEER FESTIVAL Germany Trip (Re-scheduled)
  16. Myanmar
  17. The Golden Triangle, INDIA
  18. Milford Track, New Zealand
  19. Papua New Guinea
  20. Rinjani Lombok
  21. Scotland – Ireland – Wales
  22. Scandinavian Countries
  23. Sri Langka
  24. Across Switzerland
  25. Iran
  26. Trip to Rome
  27. Timor Leste
  28. Trans Siberia – Mongolia
  29. Trip to Palawan
  30. USA !
  31. The Valley of Flowers
  32. In the shoes of a PTI : From Borneo to Java Islands by Ferry !
  33. Standing on top of Japanย done!
  34. Watching a match at Stamford Bridge!
  35. Summiting Mount Semeru, the Highest Mountain in Java
  36. Conquering the Highest Volcano in Indonesia
  37. Doing the Jesus Trailย 
  38. Varanasi and Calcutta
  39. Ladakh, Northern India
  40. Sulawesi

Score : 18/40


  1. Hiking up to Mt Sontubong, Sarawak
  2. Little escapade to Bario
  3. Going underwater in Mabul & Sipadan
  4. Conquering Malaysia’s 3rd highest mountain
  5. Conquering the highest mountain in Malaysian Peninsular
  6. Salt Trail (Sabah)
  7. Menchandat Sotong

Score : 6/7

My Mountaineering Ambitions

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  1. elizabeth says:

    Hello, I saw your bucket list and I wonder if I could join you on your journey to conquer the 3rd highest locale mountain, Tambuyukon?? I’ve been wanting to conquer it too ๐Ÿ™‚

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